For proposals that fall outside our criteria for direct purchase or JV funding we can offer an intermediary service and work with a client’s project from the preparation of the initial submission documents, to presenting them to known active investors that it would suit, working with both the investor and the client to ensure the process of Due Diligence and eventual execution of the investment documents is as efficient as possible.

Many companies fail to obtain the investment they require not because they have a poor proposition or because they are a bad credit risk as a company, but simply due to the fact that their presentation documentation is not in a format that will gain the interest of an investor and then finding the right investor, at the right time, that are willing and able to fund their project requires a large network which given our activity in the market we possess. This activity allows us access to the decision makers normally at director level and above ensuring any project we feel is robust enough for us to represent will be evaluated by a decision maker. Sending proposals to generic email addresses accessed via investors websites is a long a fruitless exercise with the majority not even read due to the volume of propositions that are sent.