Costs & Fees

We do not charge any fees for direct purchase or direct joint venture investments via our Investment Grade Bond program given we are in control of the funds to be invested however when working with alternative investors we have to prepare the documents required as well as evaluating a broad spectrum of investors to ensure the project is a fit for their criteria and they are currently active in the market with a mandate to lend and at the levels required.

Initial Overview
  • Review available information to determine viability of the proposal and interest to the alternative investors.
  • Informal discussions with investors to ascertain levels of interest
  • No Fee
Informal Submission
  • Execution of Funding Intermediary Agreement
  • Meet clients or see project if required (if outside the UK direct expenses charged to client)
  • Prepare initial presentation for submission
  • Submit initial presentation to active investors in the specific market sector
  • Review and amend full business plan and cash flow for formal submission
  • Interface with client and investor for questions and comments
  • Arrange and chair initial conference call or face to face meeting
  • Arrange and chair subsequent conference calls or face to face meetings
  • Negotiate favourable and acceptable indicative terms
Formal Submission
  • Correlate and submit all documents for formal submission
  • Liaise with the investor and client to expedite the due diligence process
  • Work with client in the preparation and submission of any other requested information or documents
  • Ensure a prompt process to contract documents
  • Attend final meeting for contract signatures

Submission fee $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the complexity and scale of the work, paid in advance. As with all funding intermediaries we charge a success fee in agreement with the investor. Our normal charge is 4% of the agreed facility drawn down at closing.

This however has to be agreed with the investor as we have to ensure it does not impact on the viability of the project to be funded or is contrary to their investment terms. It may be we have to take a view and reduce the success fee if the investor insists.